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The Name of the Association will be Alnwick Tourism Association and the abbreviation will be A.T.A. or ATA.  
2. Purpose and objectives
  • To Voice the opinions and feelings of the members, and to lobby, and work with any and all tourism associations or bodies deemed to benefit the area.

    To promote Tourism to Alnwick area, loosely based on the geographical area covered by Alnwick District.

    Where possible the Association will acquire funds to be used on behalf of the members, in promotion of the area to the benefit of the community as a whole.

    The Visit Alnwick brand and logo shown above will be used to promote the Association and its objectives.

3. Members
  • While they remain members of the Association, members are entitled to make use of the Visit Alnwick brand and the logo shown above in their marketing materials and web sites. Such use must cease immediately upon resignation or lapse of membership.

    The Joining Fee and Annual Subscription amounts will be set by a General Meeting of the Association.

    a. Full Members

    Subject to the approval of the Committee Full Members shall be those individual accommodation businesses, who agree to support the Association in its work, and who reinforce their support by payment of an annual subscription fee, the cost of which will be set by the members at a General Meeting of the Association. Member businesses must be owner-managed and applications for membership will not be considered from serviced accommodation businesses with more than 20 letting rooms or from self catering businesses with more than 15 properties.

  • A vote will be one per business. A member who has more than one business will only be allowed one vote.
  • Payment of annual subscriptions entitles members to one full web page on the Visit Alnwick web site. If a member requires two or more pages to market his business then each subsequent page will incur an additional annual subscription fee.
  • Membership will be at the discretion of the committee, and any application to join the Association will be viewed by the Committee prior to acceptance.
  • Normally a member shall operate their business within the area covered by the Association.

    b. Associate Members
  • Subject to the approval of the Committee non-accommodation providers may join the association as Associate Members and are entitled to promote their business on the Visit Alnwick web site. They are entitled to attend but not to vote at General Meetings of the Association.

    c. Disqualification
  • If in the opinion of the committee a member business is likely to bring the Association into discredit by offering sub-standard accommodation, being disqualified by an accreditation agency (AA, Visit Britain etc) or by acting to damage the business of another member, the committee will at their discretion, disqualify that business from membership for a term to be set at the committee meeting, and any membership fee that has already been paid will be forfeit.
  • A member with a concern about the conduct of another member should in the first instance contact the Committee and the Committee will decide a course of action.
4. The Committee
  • At The AGM - the members of the Association will appoint a Chairman and the Committee. The Committee will be made up of no less than five members and not more than eight.

    The committee members so appointed shall hold office from that date for 2 years. At the end of two years a committee member must stand down or offer themselves for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

    The Committee will appoint a Secretary. The Secretary will take notes and record all meetings, collate and file any letters, notes, and correspondence of the Association.

    The Committee are responsible for the accounts of the Association and will appoint a Treasurer who will maintain accurate records of income and expense and will report back to the Committee at each Committee meeting. The financial year will run from 1st April to 31st March. The Treasurer will prepare the annual accounts and present them to the AGM for ratification.

    If it is felt necessary by the Association; The Committee will appoint an independent examiner of the Association’s accounts.

    The Committee may co-opt other members or persons onto the Committee for a short period of time to provide specialist help or knowledge. If their co-option continues it will then be ratified at the next GM.

    The Chairperson will call any such meetings deemed necessary. The Chairperson will lead such meetings and represent the members with a fair and open mind.

    A representative of the Committee may attend any such other meeting on behalf of the Association and may speak on its behalf.


5. Quorum
  • In respect of the Committee a quorum will be a minimum of 5 members of the Committee.
  • In respect of the membership at General Meeting a quorum will be 15% of its members.
6. Rules and procedures
  • The committee may make, and from time to time alter rules governing the Associations affairs. These will be subject to approval by the Association in a general meeting.
  • Rule 1 - Information: Classification & Grading - Accurate information

    In order to ensure that the Visit Alnwick web site, any published literature and the ATA members register is up to date, members must keep the committee updated in relation to all self catering units or the number of letting rooms and bed spaces or the number of camping or caravan pitches. Likewise, their classification and grading must be kept up to date. Failure to do so could result in non promotion of that business.

    The database for the ATA must be kept up to date with accurate information, including all changes in classification & grading or anything else which affects the information displayed on the website e.g. grading for the property must be current and of the standard advertised. All properties should be inspected before advertising with the ATA. 'Awaiting Inspection' was judged not to be acceptable unless they could provide proof (eg: a receipt) that they had paid to be part of an Inspection Scheme and were visible on Visit Britain or the AA Accommodation web site.

  • Rule 2 – Membership Fees

    A Full Member joining in November to March will pay a reduced Annual Membership Fee for that year.

    The Committee may propose changes to membership fees but this must be ratified by vote of the members at a General Meeting.

    Annual Membership Fees become payable at the start of the financial year (1st April) and must be paid by 15th May at the latest. Membership fees not paid by this date will indicate that the member no longer wishes to be a member of the Association and their details will be removed from the website. If the member wishes to re-join they will be subject to approval by the Committee and will also be subject to the prevailing joining fees.

7. General Meetings
  • At least 14 days notice will be given to members of any General Meeting. Such a notice will specify the proposals which are to be discussed.

    a.- Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held in April where possible. Members wishing to propose motions at the meeting shall notify the Secretary in writing before 1 st April. Such motions shall appear in the notice of the meeting issued by the Secretary to all members at least 14 days in advance.

    b. - Ordinary General Meetings

    An ordinary General Meeting of the Association may be called by the Committee if it feels that there are decisions to be made by resolution of the membership that cannot wait until the next Annual General Meeting. Notice of the meeting will be issued by the Secretary to all members at least 14 days in advance.

    c. - Extraordinary General Meetings

    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called if a sufficient number of members feel that a meeting of all members should be called to discuss a particular issue and wish to compel the Committee to call such a meeting. If a motion supported by 10% of the membership is presented to the Committee an Extraordinary General Meeting must be called. Notice of the meeting will be issued by the Secretary to all members at least 14 days in advance.

8. Constitution Changes and Dissolution of the Association

  • Any decision to amend the Constitution or to dissolve the Association shall be taken by a General Meeting.
  • If a General Meeting decides to dissolve the Association any assets which remain after all liabilities have been met shall be used for the promotion of tourism in the area. These assets will be allocated to a body responsible for tourism in the area as agreed by the members at the same General Meeting.

    Revised Constitution approved by the membership at a General Meeting 29th April 2015